First Blog Post

What Is The Living TransparentLee Blog?

Living TransparentLee is a personal blog about the daily experiences, perspectives and viewpoints of a woman as she journeys through marriage, motherhood, self-love, and spirituality as a woman of color.

What Is The Motivation Behind The Blog?

The blog was seen as necessity given today’s culture where people hide behind social media personas and act as though life is all peaches and rainbows. In reality, we are all real people with real problems. I created this blog to show people that my life is not perfect and that imperfect lives are normal. People on the outside looking in think I have the ideal life, with a perfect marriage, a perfect motherhood, the ability to travel, etc. What they fail to see are the challenges I have had to overcome and my ongoing struggles in those areas. What good is a testimony if you keep it to yourself and don’t share it for the benefit of others? I have learned a lot through my experiences, especially in the areas of marriage and motherhood, that I wish someone would have informed me prior to embarking on these life-altering paths. I do not want to do the same disservice to my fellow sisters that was done to me. I am here to give the real, raw, uncut, unfiltered version of life that is not frequently discussed. Through my journey, I hope to inspire, inform, prepare and give other women hope in different areas of their lives. Painting perfect pictures of life only sets others up for failure. As women, we are all in this together, and Sis, I do not want to see you fail.

How Did The Blog Name Come About?

Living TransparentLee came about through brainstorming words that described the main objective of the blog in a straightforward and unique manner. Living TransparentLee means to live life as if you are in a glass house, and the word play on “TransparentLee” is derived from my nickname “Lee-Lee”. It symbolizes taking the shades off of the windows and allowing others to view inside, which translates to opening up to others and showing them who you really are. To show others the miles you have walked, the obstacles you have endured, and how you became victorious in the end.This is the sole objective of my blog so the name was fitting. For me there is a freedom in being true to who you are and revealing your most intimate stories to others. It requires allowing yourself to become vulnerable to others, which most are not willing to do out of fear of hurt or embarrassment. Some may view vulnerability as a weakness but allowing yourself to become vulnerable is in fact courageous. As you begin to open up to others, they tend to do the same. The healing process occurs and it becomes a domino effect.

What Message Do You Have For Women Reading This Blog?

eaa86f2a454e0a78cb30269334a43b70I hope you leave here inspired, encouraged, or enlightened. Ladies, we are all Queens in this together. When you see your fellow sister down, build her up and help her adjust her crown accordingly. Multiple Queens can exist in the same space. Love on one another. Embrace each other. Speak life into your fellow sisters. A failure for one Queen is a failure for all. A win for one Queen is a win for all. Keep on striving for greatness, because mediocrity was never in our DNA.

-Leanna B.

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